Holidaying with horseback riding on the beach, enjoys the cooling environment 's peacefulness , the pounding of the waves, the vast stretch of white sandy beach fringed by the bluest sea and the fresh aroma of the salt on the gentle sea breeze. This is the truly heaven on earth, where stress and bustle of modern society fades away and the beauty of Nature takes over.


Opens daily from 08.00 A.M. – 16.00 P.M.

Highly recommended for first timer or beginners who would like to experience horseback riding on the beach. After commencing with a comprehensive safety riding tips and riding instruction. Then leave the riding stable and down to the beach. On the beach, children, beginners and intermediate riders will be assisted by our guide by learning how to walk and trot your horses allowing you quickly discover how easy, relaxing and enjoyable horse riding really is. Then fun with feeding your horse and back to riding stable.


Open Mon - Fri (08.00 & 09.00 A.M) Only

Highly recommended for strong intermediate and advance rider. If you are looking for the fabulous beach ride, great friendly fun way to explore “Layan National Park”, this package is perfectly suite with you. On the beach you will have a chance to walk trot and canter at your own pace, accompanied by our friendly guide. Moreover you will have a opportunity to swim with your horse in the blue ocean (Depend on weather). Then fun with feeding your horse and back to riding stable. This is an unforgotten and outstanding horse back riding, what are you waiting for?


If you are looking for a little more adventure ride for your kid, try our small - medium ponies. Our pony ride is perfect for the first timer and slightly more experienced younger riders. We offer both walking and trotting ponies for kids to ride, every trip your kids will be secured by our staffs. Our guide will accompany with your kids all the time, to assist and make everything nice and easy for them.

SUNSET RIDE (1.00 HOUR, 17.30 - 18.30 P.M )

If you are looking for a truly romantic trip for you and for your lover, or family, we highly recommend that you take our sunset beach rides program. Can you imagine how wonderful it is to take horseback riding together with the one you love along on the most beautiful and peaceful beach, as the sun slowly sets into the sea? This will be your most memorable experience when you think back of the wonderful tropical island of Phuket and the opportunity to give you to live your fantasy.

What to wear & bring with you for our beach rides.

Remarks: We can arrange a bouquet, bottle of wine, campaign, cake for you to surprise the one you love.

*** Beach Trail Riding Terms & Conditions ***

We want you to enjoy your ride and your safety is very important to us. We provide each rider with safety equestrian helmet and riding boots. For the safety of everyone on the ride safe we have several conditions.